EAST HANOVER, NJ - Chief of Police Christopher F. Cannizzo has issued the following statement to East Hanover residents:

Greetings to all citizens of East Hanover, 

Today, I would like to continue our dialogue as it relates to COVID-19 and our public safety response. As you are all well aware, this global pandemic has touched all of us in one way or another. Many of our officers have significant others who work in the medical field as nurses, doctors, EMTs, etc. Their professions have put them at the very heart of this disease, and I can attest from personal experience that these are truly sobering times.

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As Mayor Pannullo stated in his most recent update, the number of East Hanover residents diagnosed as having the coronavirus continues to grow, so we ask that you please stay home if at all possible and limit your excursions outside the home to essential travel. While my officers and I are always here to assist you, we need your help in stemming the spread of this potentially deadly contagion.

With this goal in mind, we ask that you discontinue the practice of impromptu car parades or drive-by birthday parties. While they may seem harmless, these parades do not constitute essential travel. I am not a monster; I want your children to have memorable birthdays and other celebrations, but with modern technology, there are other ways to accomplish this. We have received reports of children hanging out of car windows and sunroofs, people ignoring safe-distancing recommendations, etc. We are also receiving noise complaints stemming from these parades. Remember, we have citizens who are recovering in their homes from this aggressive virus. As a community, we need to provide them with peace and solitude during their convalescence. Again, we are safeguarding the populace and are trying to minimize injury and/or officer contact with the general public. This terrible virus has proven to be a silent, airborne killer. The potential for asymptomatic transmission is yet another reason to discontinue these practices.

Finally, we ask that you continue to do the following:

Wear masks during all essential travel. 
Practice social distancing.
Lock all car doors to prevent theft/vandalism.
Immediately report any suspicious activity to the police.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and we hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude to my command staff and officers; we could not do this without them. Special Thanks to Captain Christopher J. Berres who is working 24/7 with our Health Director Carlo DiLiza .  
Be well,

Christopher F. Cannizzo
Chief of Police