FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Chief of Police Joseph Orlando issued the following statement today, May 20, 2020:


Please read this post in its entirety, as there is much to discuss both locally and throughout the State. I ask residents to remember, the State is mandating all of our actions and we as a Borough are doing everything we can to provide our residents with safe activities on our path to normalcy, inclusive of advocating at the State level to allow our small businesses to operate within proper protocols.

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Locally: I met today with the Borough Administrator, Mayor, members of the Borough Council and Department Heads for Recreation and Public Works. Several issues concerning to all of you were discussed and based upon direction from the Governor, the State Department of Emergency Management, and the Office of the Attorney General the following was decided:

Municipal Pools – The Governor and State Department of Emergency Management continue to advise municipal pools are prohibited from operating. It was decided today that we will begin the process of opening the pool to ensure its functionality in the event the State allows municipal pools to open. If the State does not provide guidance and approval for opening by July 11, 2020, the pool will not open this season.

Summer Camps – The Governor and State Department of Emergency Management have given no guidance on the opening of Summer Camps other than to say they currently are prohibited. The CDC has provided a decision tree as a guiding document for how to open camps when and if allowed by Executive Order. Due to the restrictions of the CDC decision tree and lack of guidance from the State, as well as our continued effort to maintain the community’s safety as our paramount concern, it has been determined the Florham Park Summer Camp will not be able to operate this summer season. The Recreation Department will be reviewing and planning for Pop-Up Camps if allowable under the Governor’s Executive Orders.

Sports and Recreation – The State today has indicated all Youth Recreational and Organized Sports Activities are prohibited. The Recreation Department will accept registrations for Fall Cheerleading in the event the Governor’s Executive Orders allow for Fall activities. Field permits for Fall Sports should be applied for in the event activities are allowable.

In addition, last night the National Federation of High School Associations issued their guidance on the return of high school athletics. These phases have not been confirmed or authorized by the State of New Jersey but I post the below article for your knowledge, if interested. Keep in mind that Youth Recreational and Organized Sports are still prohibited in New Jersey.


National Night Out – National Night Out (NNO) is annually held the first Tuesday of August. Due to the Governor’s Executive Orders and Multi-Stage Phase In protocols, we will not be able to conduct our normal NNO celebration. Nationally, the celebration has been moved to October 4, 2020 and we will hold our event on that date if allowed at that time. Please mark your calendars, I know we’ll all be looking for reasons to celebrate!!

Senior Center / Senior Barbecue – The Florham Park Senior Center will continue to remain closed indefinitely as we look to protect our most vulnerable population. To that end, we will also be cancelling our Senior Barbecue this year, which is held annually the day after National Night Out.

Drive-In Movie – The recreation Department in conjunction with the Florham Park PBA are in the process of organizing a drive-in movie for members of the community. The Governor has stated vehicle gatherings, in unlimited numbers, are authorized and we will take advantage of the loosening of this restriction to bring the community an event to celebrate. Please stay tuned, as details regarding the date, time and location will be forthcoming.

State: On a State level, I’m sure you are all aware the Governor signed Executive Order 147 on Monday night, shortly after my last posting. The Order authorized several outdoor businesses to resume the following activities:

Effective May 19, 2020, at 6:00am – Changes to golf, making tee-times available to foursome groups, forecaddies and equipment rentals. There are still significant social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing protocols mandated for this activity.

Effective May 22, 2020, at 6:00am – Outdoor Archery Ranges, Outdoor Batting Cages, Golf Driving Ranges, Horseback Riding, Outdoor Shooting Ranges and the Outdoor portions of Private Tennis Clubs are authorized to begin operations. Picnic areas, Playgrounds, Pavilions, Fitness Centers and Locker Rooms for these facilities are mandated to remain closed with the exception of restrooms. There are significant social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing protocols mandated for each of these outdoor recreational activities.

Effective May 22, 2020, at 06:00am – Community Gardens are authorized to open. The Florham Park Community Garden will open at that time with the following protocols in place:
- No more than two (2) people in the garden at the same time. Scheduling must be completed through the Recreation Department.
- Social Distancing standards, of at least six (6) feet, must be followed inside the garden area.
- Face coverings and gloves must be worn inside the garden area unless you have a medical condition which mask wear will exasperate.
- The tool shed will remain locked and gardeners must utilize their own tools without sharing the same.
- Gardeners must bring their own watering bucket/can and not share the same with other gardeners. The water spigot will be available to gardeners to fill their buckets/cans.

Last night the State Director of Emergency Management, who is the Colonel of the State Police, issued Administrative Order 2020-13 authorizing New and Used Car Dealerships, Motorcycle Dealerships, Boat Dealerships and Bicycle Shops to begin operating as essential businesses today at 6:00am. The Order also allows for the test-driving of cars, boats, motorcycles and bicycles. Significant social distancing, limiting capacity of customers, sanitizing, cleaning and mask wear protocols are mandated for these businesses to operate. Please read the Order for exact details.

In addition, the Governor last night indicated he might authorize outdoor dining and indoor retail businesses to begin operating in the weeks ahead.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) has extended their renewal deadlines. Registration, temporary registration, license, and inspection stickers expiring March 31st, April 30th or May 31st have been extended to July 31, 2020. Those expiring June 30th have been extended to August 31, 2020 and those expiring July 31st have been extended to September 30, 2020.

Everything discussed in this post is fluid and changing by the minute at the State level. Please understand that some of the information may change while in the process of posting this writing to our Facebook page and website. We will do our best to keep all of you informed of the latest updates as we receive them.

Stay safe and well!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
May 20, 2020