Do you know how many positive customer service experiences it takes to make up for a bad experience? Can you guess?

It actually takes 12 positive experiences to make up for a single unresolved negative experience. Also, news of bad customer service experience reaches more than twice as many people as praise for excellent customer service. 

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So, customer service is essential and making sure your customers have an excellent experience is crucial for your business’s success. 

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Great customer service can help you build a loyal customer base. Today, customers want instant gratification, and they expect you to handle their customer support needs through various platforms online. From social media to email, customers are intolerant of pauses or delays.

This means that your business needs to be able to handle customer support queries in real-time across the various internet platforms. 

This is where customer support apps come in handy. With these apps, you can educate your customers and offer amazing customer support in real-time. Here are four apps that can help you power up your business.

#1: Pipedrive (

Pipedrive is a small-business customer relationship management app. This app helps you to access your to-do list quickly. Also, using this app you can access your contact list on the go with a simple search.

Pipedrive also allows you to add meetings and call notes and it has full call tracking capabilities. While this is an online app, you can also keep working even when you don’t have an internet connection.

#2: Zendesk (

Zendesk allows you to offer excellent customer support. It’s built for team leaders and agents who don’t work from a desk. Zendesk also allow you to create new tickets on the fly, check notifications, update macros, find the right tickets quickly, and deep linking email. With this app, you can access reports and you can dip into the agent dashboard to get an overview of any queue. 

#3: Freshdesk (

Freshdesk is a customer support app that allows you to offer great customer service to your customers across chat, email, Facebook, phone, Twitter, and website.

With Freshdesk, you can have a quick overview of your help desk, you can access all the tickets, and you can use filters to prioritize the most urgent tickets. Also, you can add watchers to a ticket, change ticket details, delete tickets and mark irrelevant tickets as spam right from your phone. 

This app makes it easier to answer support calls, to track log time spent on a ticket, and to integrate your Twitter account with your support system and manage them from the social app.

#4: Help Scout (

Do you want to deliver excellent customer service? Then Help Scout is the all-in-one app designed to convert, support, and delight your customers. This customer support app makes the customer service process easier for your team and the customer. 

By using Help Scout, you can offer a seamless customer service experience. Their report features provide all the analytics and data you might need. And their 40+ integrations with other services can help you pull customer activity from other apps in seconds.

Why not download and install at least one of these apps and use it to power up your business? Chances are, you’ll see a huge difference in your productivity and sales.

Next time, we'll look at apps to boost audience engagement.

Until then,