4 Things You Must Know About Beliefs You Hold about Yourself


We all want to live a great life and manifest the things which we desire most, such as a great house, car, family, and a fat savings account. However, the beliefs you hold about yourself can often hold you back from achieving your best self, living your best life and growing a profitable business. If you have negative beliefs about yourself, you may end up sabotaging yourself despite your best efforts.

Where Do Your Beliefs Come From?

Many of the beliefs we hold about ourselves are first formed in childhood and become so ingrained that we may not even realize that we think these things about ourselves until we stop for a moment to check. If you've been struggling to manifest the wonderful things in your life, and everything seems to be a struggle, then it might be time to look within to see what beliefs about yourself are holding you back.

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Negative Self-Talk

You might be surprised at your negative self-talk. It has the power to hold you back just as much as a pep talk can propel you forward to success. You might be trying to "fake it ‘til you make it" and appear to be a success, but deep down a voice might be calling you all sorts of names, like "loser", "cheater", "liar", "fraud".

You might think you are not good enough, or don’t deserve to be happy because you have been a "bad person" at some point in your life. There is a big difference, however, between bad deeds and a bad person. The mistakes you make as a child shouldn’t be allowed to haunt you for the rest of your life and hold you back from living the life of your dreams.

Parental Attitudes

Parents do the best they can considering their own level of personal issues. If you have a parent who feels negatively about themselves, chances are they are going to pass that attitude along to you. They might communicate to you in various ways that you're just not good enough, or a disappointment to them in some way. This starts to set a negative pattern that makes you think, either consciously or unconsciously, that you will never be happy, or don’t deserve to be.

You might also think you are bad in some way because your parents tell you what a terrible child you are all the time. Often the children who are told that they are terrible become terrible, in a self-fulfilling prophecy. On the other hand, if you decide that you're a good person who wants to do good in the world, you will often take the action steps needed to make that come about. 

You might also be criticized for being a slow learner. However, slow and steady will often win the race. We've often seen the people who are top of their class crash and burn out, and end up not achieving their full potential. 

Or, you could be falsely empowered by your parents. They make you think that everything you do is absolutely fantastic and that the world is your oyster. You might have one small part in the school play and suddenly think that you are ready for Hollywood. 

Your Mind Creates Your World

Since your mind creates your world, the beliefs that you have about yourself are the ones that will often drive your life for better or worse. You will never be able to manifest success unless you get past your negative self-talk and decide that you are good enough, you are worth it, and you do deserve to be happy. 

Try reframing your thoughts to more positive ones about yourself and see what a difference these changes in beliefs can make to your life.

Anna D. Banks, MAS, is a business coach, trainer, speaker and host of the Better Biz Better You Show (http//www.BetterBizBetterYouShow.net) podcast. Anna works mainly with women professionals and business owners who desire a bigger business and self-development.  She facilitates workshops, seminars, training, and coaching to entrepreneurs, and owners of small and mid-sized business. In addition to her extensive training, business development and media experience, Anna is a John Maxwell Certified Coach and a Certified D.I.S.C. Behavioral Studies Trainer.

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