8 Warning Signs That It Might Be Time To Leave Your Current Job


It’s never easy to make large changes in your life. This is particularly true when it comes to a job. It can be even more traumatic if you are thinking about not just a job change, but a career change as well.

However, there are often clear signs that it is time to leave your current position. Watch out for them and decide on practical next steps so you can start living a better life, hopefully in the job or career of your dreams. 

1. You job makes you feel drained, not energized

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We spend one-third of our weekdays (at least) working in a full-time job, sometimes more if we are in a demanding position or industry. So it is important to love what we do, and do what we love, rather than just go through the motions.

2. The hierarchy is too strict

This means you will always stay low on the pecking order, and also be given few chances to show all the things you are able to do and which will allow you to really shine. 

3. They don’t promote from within

It can be very frustrating for you, and short-sighted of the company, to only ever hire new people into managerial and other high-level positions. It means sooner or later you will have to leave if you want to get ahead. It also means they might make a major mistake and end up hiring the clueless boss from hell who has no idea what they are doing and no idea of the value you bring to the team.

4. You have the boss from hell

This will mean different things to different people, but in general, it is an abrasive, abusive, or unconscious person who is unaware or does not care about the impact they have on their co-workers and those who report to them. 

They will often play the blame game when things go wrong and take credit for all your hard work when things go well. When it comes time for your end of year assessment, bonuses and chances of a raise, all your hard work is invisible.

5. You’re not part of the "in crowd"

A lot of people like to keep their head down and get on with their work, but office politics does have a part to play in your chances for success in any company. If you feel like you are the last to hear about all of the new, exciting projects going on that you should have been invited to contribute to, you’re being sidelined and this pattern is not likely to change.

6. You are stuck in a rut or pigeonholed

You might have the most amazing skills doing X, but they only want you to do Y all day, every day. Sooner or later, you are going to get frustrated. You can either look for a new job, or start your own business to put all your skills to good use.

7. You know more than your boss

This isn’t too hard in some cases. It can be frustrating to work for someone who is less skilled and knowledgeable than you are, but who is more of a "schmoozer" or an ambitious ladder climber who does not care who they trample over in their scramble to the top.

It’s hard to respect a boss who knows less than you, and hard to trust a corporate structure that makes serious leadership mistakes.

8. You are forced to work long hours to cover other team members

It’s one thing to love your job and be a bit of a workaholic because you love what you do and want to get ahead in your career. It’s another thing to work from 7AM to 11PM every day because your colleagues are slack and not handing in their deliverables.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, then it may be time to move on and find another job which makes you happy.    

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Anna D. Banks, MAS, is a business coach, trainer, speaker and host of the Better Biz Better You Show (http//www.BetterBizBetterYouShow.net) podcast. Anna works mainly with women professionals and business owners who desire a bigger business and self-development.  She facilitates workshops, seminars, training, and coaching to entrepreneurs, and owners of small and mid-sized business. In addition to her extensive training, business development and media experience, Anna is a John Maxwell Certified Coach and a Certified D.I.S.C. Behavioral Studies Trainer.

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