NEWARK, NJ - The New Jersey Performing Arts Center was all abuzz as hundreds of fans turned out Thursday Night to party and celebrate the return to Newark of one of Jersey's most dynamic R&B artist - George Clinton. 

It has been 38 years since George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic crew first showed up in Newark at School Stadium to unleash their now world acclaimed genre of music called 'Funk'. Since that time, Clinton and his Plainfield New Jersey based band have traveled the globe singing and playing; winning countless awards and millions of fans. 

They are most remembered for their spectacular performances, flamboyant outfits, outlandish hairdos and their signature invention, the Mothership. 

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Unfortunately, they left all the paraphernalia home, but still brought their hard-hitting funk that has made them music legends. 

The audience was as exciting as the show itself. Hours before the show began the air was electric with anticipation and excitement. The DJ played songs from the 70s and 80s that had the crowd ready to party well before Clinton arrived on stage. But when he did arrive, he left no one disappointed. 

In the midst of the festivities one patron remarked how the audience truly echoed the spirit of the 1970s - black, white, rich and poor all partying together to the tune, "One Nation Under a Groove.”  - A true “throw-back” Thursday event.