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Medicare is an insurance program for seniors at age 65 or people that are Medicare eligible due to a disability and have been declared disabled by your doctor. You would have to be declared this way to 24 months (2 years) in order to be eligible for Medicare, under age 65. Many of my clients say that Medicare does not cover enough of their needs.  Medicare insurance will cover 80% of Medicare covered benefits. 20% is up to the Medicare recipient to pay for.  Private insurance supplements and Medicare Advantage plans are options.  Some have access to former employers, who can supplement their Medicare, some may have Medicaid or LIS as benefit assistance.

 Readers can research Medicare.gov find out what benefits are not covered if they have a procedure planned that involves going to the hospital.  Research in advanced so if you do go into the hospital, you can know some of what is covered and what is not.  Again, in an emergency case, no one is paying attention to that and it is well understood.  I do not advocate trying to address this matter during an emergency situation, I am saying that you can control some things if you have the knowledge as to what to watch for. 

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Your health is important to you.  Please take the time to learn more about how to manage for health insurance.   Laurence J. KotlikoffPhilip MoellerPaul Solman, wrote a book called, Get What’s Yours.  In the book, the authors discuss Medicare, Medicare benefits and loopholes that may benefit many Medicare recipients.  I am not advocating for the book, but it is another source to help you navigate the waters of Medicare. 

I now understand how my position can be valuable to many Medicare eligible people.  The landscape of Medicare is changing constantly and rapidly.  If you have the desire and ability to research or go to places to get information, then absolutely do so because it is for your personal benefit.  Also knowledgeable representatives can provide assistance about your health insurance options.  Consult a qualified and knowledgeable benefits consultant to help guide you through the many Medicare options available.

 Feel out you representative before you commit to anything.  Your representative is as beneficial to you as your doctor, lawyer, accountant, broker, or your financial advisor.  Your Medicare benefits representative should be there for you, when you need them and not just during the open enrollment period.  Please understand that this is your health and you should take real precautions to safeguard it.  Research is one tool, asking for help is another.  Knowing where to get the help does mean you have to research.  I know it can get frustrating but this is for your benefit.  You read the book to look at some of the benefits Social Security and Medicare can provide.  Also you can view Medicare.gov for additional information. 

The bottom line is that knowledge is power.  Please get your power.  If you need assistance or have questions about your Medicare options, please contact John Clark, or call direct at (973) 518-0676