EAST ORANGE, NJ - Lunic is an Inspirational Messenger and Successful Entrepreneur, who takes her message world wide empowering others to live beyond any and all current adversities. 

She is an Educator with an Explosive Message. Before entering college she had already owned her own business, traveled half way around the world doing what she loved, experienced an enormous amount of financial gain, hitting rock bottom and having to start from scratch to get it all back. 

After her own horror stories of homelessness and battle with addiction, she is dedicated to helping others get back everything they lost, plus more.  Lunic is determined, relentless and driven. Because of her success in building her own businesses she enjoys sharing and teaching others personal development strategies on how to start and stay on top of their game in all areas of their lives. 

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She is a minister in training and is currently hands on running her own successful foundation called, “A Day At A Time”  - a youth and adult organization that focuses on giving back to communities in and around varies cities.  Her message is: “Every One Deserves A Second Chance”. This message is intended to give hope and to change lives.

She formed the foundation to teach others varies way of expressing and challenging themselves by writing, recording and editing their own short mini-documentaries about their own lives and infusing self-esteem building, entrepreneurship, self-awareness, goal setting into a powerful program called, the wonder Y.E.A.R.S. (Young Entrepreneurs Achieving Real Success). 

She enjoys speaking on intimate and large platforms sharing her experience, strength and hope to Athletes, Corporations, High Schools, Colleges, Universities and troubled Teens around the world. 

Lunic was born and raised in New Jersey and is an alumni of Montclair State University and Essex County College where she majored in Communications, Television Broadcasting and Journalism. She worked at Fox 5 as well as MY 9 News covering major stories as a field producer and as an on air personality for several years now.  

While attending college, she interned and worked for Clive Davis, Whoopi Goldberg, as well as My 9 News. It was during her internship at My 9 News that she was able to excel. Her work impressed the News Director so much that she was allowed to participate in breaking news stories; which in turn secured her a job in the newsroom; that is where she quickly realized that being an employee was not for her and the importance of being an entrepreneur and investing in herself was key by watching other successful people she interviewed doing what they loved. 

The Change Makers radio show has been making waves since it aired in October of 2015. Each week it features politicians, entertainers, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs alike along with other very notable guests. The co-hosts Royston Allman, Rebecca Saint Louis, and Eric Perryman bring a combined twenty years of experience in broadcasting. Every Saturday you can hear them engaging in enlightening discussions with news-makers from across the country and abroad about the issues of the day.

It airs every Saturday from 10am-11am EST on 107.9 FM. In Studio Call In Lines: (973) 672- 1271 & (973) 677- 3753. You can also tune in online for Facebook Live on the The ChangeMakers Show Page, www.rth2000.com or via phone at (712) 832-2637.