EAST ORANGE, NJ - Adrianne Wilson is a PK (preachers kid) reared in the Apostolic faith. While her dad preached, along with her seven siblings they harmonized in song all around the US.  Blessed with many talents and skills, Adrianne utilizes her administrative and computer training knowledge as a consultant within fortune 500 companies and local non-profit organizations.  

As founder and Executive Director of the Power of One 3C Foundation she creates events and programs synergistically with the power of the Church, Community and City to build better communities, "The Project Lady" uses her graphic design, event coordination, program development and musical skills to create one of a kind event experiences.

​Adrianne is the mother of three equally talented beautiful daughters and six amazing grandchildren.  But the love of her life is her 106-year-old grandmother "Mombe" who to this day gives her rock-solid advice.  And Adrianne is author of the book, "Don't Sleep with the Help”!

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About the Book

Adrianne Wilson: “Have you ever wondered why, when you were young, you did things that impacted your life negatively then and now? Do you have this deep yearning within to do and be greater?  And why are you always choosing the wrong partner?  Well, I did, and after 40 years of doing things my own way, not following simple life principles, God stopped me.  Enough was enough!  I am the daughter of the King!  I am no longer going to live beneath my privileges. I believe that now it's our time to take our Royal place in our Father's Kingdom. Follow along with me through these pages as I uncover lies I believed caused me to live a hard life.  I discovered and unveil truths that opened my spiritual understanding enabling me to walk in Divine Destiny. Don’t Sleep with the Help" is a must read for everyone; young/old, male/female, Christian/non-Christian. Reading this book will unleash transformative truths that will arouse the hearts of conscious Christians and unlock the minds of those seeking a greater understanding of God”.

About ChangeMakers

The Change Makers radio show has been making waves since it aired in October of 2015. Each week it features politicians, entertainers, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs alike along with other very notable guests. The co-hosts Royston Allman, Rebecca Saint Louis, and Eric Perryman bring a combined twenty years of experience in broadcasting. Every Saturday you can hear them engaging in enlightening discussions with news-makers from across the country and abroad about the issues of the day. It airs every Saturday from 10am-11am EST on 107.9 FM. In Studio Call In Lines: (973) 672- 1271 & (973) 677- 3753 You can also tune in online for Facebook Live on the The Changemakers Show Page,  www.rth2000.com or via phone at (712) 832-2637.