"We lose the peace of years when we hunt after the rapture of moments."
--Daily Walk Bible
The Christmas holidays are not always so cheerful for people who are grieving, lonely, or disenfranchised. Our society has created a season of supposed plenty when many are starving, have other pertinent needs, and/or without support. So, even though the birth of Yeshua is celebrated at this time--a time that promises redemption and peace--not all of us feel redeemed and peaceful. Even those who have financial and material means and the company of close ones sometimes do not feel the promised peace of the season.
What are we looking for? The rapture of seasonal moments or the peace of years? I choose the peace of years. The rapture of moments do not always last even in our memories. They are fleeting, as moments are. Just for this season, look at it as an extension of the year. Reject the pressure to buy to make people happy. Reject the feeling of loneliness and go out and serve at a soup kitchen or other venue. Don't let one moment of loneliness or despair paralyze you. Don't make the downward turn, but look up to what the season really means.
Quinita Edmonia Good,
Writer, Writing Coach, Editor