ORANGE, NJ - The Orange Police Department has been conducting roving motor vehicle checkpoints throughout the City. Some drivers at these checkpoints have been found to have license and registration suspensions. Vehicles at these checkpoints have led to felony arrests for outstanding warrants, the seizure of cars, drugs and guns. The checkpoints have also have proven to be an effective means of enforcing driver license laws, ensuring the protection of motorists and pedestrians.  

Law enforcement efforts will be intensified though the use of employing a computerized license plate reader. The device can scan a license plate and reports the status of the car owner's license and registration.  The license plate reader will also aid police in identifying and stopping those drivers who are wanted on an arrest warrant.

Drivers who pass through the checkpoint and whose documents are in order will be directed to move forward through the checkpoint, without further delay. 

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Our police and law departments are issuing the following tips to avoid arrest, vehicle forfeiture and expensive fines:

1. Do not drive in Orange if your documents are not in order, or if you have outstanding warrants

2. Do not drive any car that is not registered or insured

3 Inspect your documents before driving your car or any other car to insure your paperwork is up to date

4. Obey all traffic laws

5. When driving, be prepared for random stops on the streets of Orange

These checkpoints have been created as an additional tool to deter small groups of bad actors who threaten our quality of life.