If you regularly create videos in your work, you’re in luck. A video can be repurposed in multiple ways. One way is to trim videos into GIFs or micro-videos. A GIF is a short clip of an action video that shows the action and is not a still picture. A micro-video is a very short video that is just a few seconds long. You may find that type of video on Vimeo, for example. 

People love short videos, and they often think GIFs are fun too. When you create one from your videos that resonates, share on social media to get their interest in the longer version and to get more likes, follows, and engagement. 

* Use in Email – Add your GIFs and short video clips to email to ensure that you get more opens. When people realize there is something cool inside, they’re much more likely to open it, especially if they tend to check on their phone. If you’re not sure how to create a GIF from your video, check out this converter: EZGIF.com 

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* Share on Social – A GIF or a short video will get the attention of your audience better than text alone. Of course, you’ll always want to share text too, since any of your audience who is challenged may not be able to see or hear it. Using both will help you get more views, more engagement, and more shares. 

* In Your Blog – If it fits and does not junk up your blog post, you can also add video clips and GIFs that make a point. For example, if you want to show someone how to do something that needs a visual demonstration and only takes a second, a GIF will work great. 

* Within a Video – You can add GIFs and video clips inside of another longer video. This is a great way to expand on a topic, remind them what you said, or even use a clip of someone else’s video that you’re responding to. 

To create these types of GIFs and short clips, you can use your editing software, but you may also want to use a popular tool to help you create better versions. For example, Animoto.com has professional templates that you can use to create them. The main thing is that you want the images to look sharp and any sound to be easy to understand.

You'll want people to love your content so much that they share it with others. That's not always easy to do, so next time we'll give some great tips on how to get more shares from your audience.