EAST ORANGE, NJ - Saturday morning veteran social and political activist Dr. Ron Daniels and People's Organization for Progress (POP) Chairman Mr. Lawrence Hamm join the ChangeMakers Radio Show to discuss the upcoming State of the Black World Conference IV in Newark, N.J. (dedicated to the memory of the brilliant poet, playwright and political activist Amiri Baraka). This time the Theme of this major domestic and global gathering of people of African descent will be – It’s Nation Time…

Dr. Ron Daniels was an independent candidate for President of the United States in 1992. He served as Executive Director of the National Rainbow Coalition in 1987 and Southern Regional Coordinator and Deputy Campaign Manager for the Jesse Jackson for President Campaign in 1988. A scholar-activist who has taught History, Political Science and Pan African Studies/Black Studies at Youngstown State University, Hiram College, Cornell University and Kent State University, he was a Visiting Associate Professor of Black Studies at The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio in 1994. He holds a B.A. in History from Youngstown State University, an M.A. in Political Science from the Rockefeller School of Public Affairs in Albany, New York and a Doctor of Philosophy in Africana Studies from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati. He currently serves as Distinguished Lecturer at York College, City University of New York.

Listed in Who’s Who in Black America, Dr. Daniels has been a leading figure in some of the most significant social and political movements over the last five decades, including Freedom Inc. in Youngstown, Ohio; the African Liberation Day Support Committee, which spawned African Liberation Day (ALD); the National Black Political Assembly (NBPA); National Black Independent Political Party (NBIPP); and the African American Progressive Action Network (AAPAN) which spearheaded the drive to declare May 19, the birthday of Malcolm X, a National African American Day of Commemoration in 1990. Dr. Daniels was the prime mover behind and Chairperson of the Coordinating Committee for the National State of the Race Conference which was held in Baltimore, MD, in November of 1994 — one of the most significant gatherings of community based leaders, scholar-activists, civil rights and human rights leaders and opinion makers of the decade. Subsequently, he served on the Board of Directors of the African American Institute for Research and Empowerment (AAIFRE), the continuations mechanism of the National State of the Race Conference. From 1992 – 1998, Dr. Daniels was National Chairperson of the Campaign for a New Tomorrow (CNT), a Black and people of color led multi-racial independent political organization. In 1998 CNT merged with a number of progressive constituencies in the greater New York City area to form the Unity Party. Dr. Daniels played a key role in the formation of the National African American Leadership Summit (NAALS), and he was a member of the Executive Council of the National Organizing Committee of the historic Million Man March and Day of Absence in 1995 and the Millions More Movement in 2005.

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People's Organization for Progress (POP) Chairman Mr. Lawrence Hamm.

Hamm has been a relentless advocate for African-American people and the cause of human rights for more than 30 years. Raised in Newark New Jersey, he attended public schools and emerged at age 17 as a forceful and articulate spokesperson for the educational needs and aspirations of Newark students and the community. He was appointed to the Newark Board of Education, making him the youngest school board member in the United States.

While at Princeton University (Larry received his Bachelor’s degree there in 1978) Larry distinguished himself during the anti-apartheid movement by organizing student protests and calling attention to Princeton’s financial investment in apartheid South Africa. These protests, and the rising tide of public indignation, resulted in Princeton University’s divestment in the apartheid South African economy. Larry Hamm’s impact as a student activist at Princeton is chronicled in the documentary film, “Blacks at Princeton.”

After graduation, Hamm returned to Newark and became active in local politics. He served as district leader and president of the 24th District Assembly. Larry was the founder and director of the People’s Energy Cooperative, a community fuel oil cooperative. His organizational skills soon were recognized by the United Church of Christ, Commission For Racial Justice. Larry served as Director of the Community Organization Program for that organization. 

During 1986 Larry Hamm traveled with the Reverend Ben Chavis throughout the deep south to retrace the route of the 1960’s Freedom Rides. Chavis, Hamm and busloads of activists conducted voter registration drives in Alabama. 

Larry Hamm helped organize the People’s Organization For Progress (POP), an independent, grass roots, political organization that is active in the Newark and northern New Jersey area. As chairman, Larry has consistently worked toward building unity among community organizations. The struggle for quality education, employment opportunities, access to health care and against racial profiling, and police brutality continues through the efforts of its Chairman, Larry Hamm, and the activism of the organization’s members.

Larry has received many awards, among them are “One Of The Most Influential Blacks in New Jersey Award” (City News) and “The Hope Shapiro Bread and Roses Peace Award” (New Jersey Peace Action).

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