EAST ORANGE, NJ - Essex County New Jersey-based coach, Anna D. Banks joined leadership expert John C. Maxwell and 250 of his team of certified international coaches, volunteers and leaders in San José, Costa Rica at the invitation of President Luis Guillermo Solís, from March 11-15, 2018. This special delegation will conduct a national leadership education project known as Transformación Costa Rica that will reach 400,000 of the Costa Rican population by equipping them with values-based principles they can learn, live and lead in their social and professional environments.

This massive endeavor is a social transformation initiative led by Maxwell and the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation (a non-profit organization), which aims to make training in values ​​and leadership principles accessible to participants at no cost. 

Over the course of five rigorous days, the specially trained delegation will meet with top government, police, education, business, faith and community leaders with one goal in mind: hand over proven tools to the leaders of Costa Rica in a structured process for their further leadership development through the power of the values-based Maxwell Round Table Method.

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“This is Operation Leadership Liftoff - for Costa Rica,” John Maxwell said. “Literally, hundreds of of our coaches and volunteers from all over the world are paying their own way to serve, add value and make a difference in Costa Rica. This is how transformation happens - when one person cares enough to take action – then hundreds care enough to take action. The weight of the vision for Costa Rica weighs heavily on me, because I know what’s at stake. If the vision doesn’t have weight, it doesn't carry with it the conviction and the authority it needs. The vision must be felt in the heart, not just seen with the eyes. We are fighting for the transformation of lives for the people of Costa Rica,” Maxwell added.

Maxwell has been invited to deliver the Maxwell Round Table Method by the leaders of 22 nations. He and a special delegation delivered the method in Guatemala and Paraguay - visits to more countries are in the works. The Maxwell Round Table Method is straightforward - using a set of leadership values pre-selected by Costa Ricans.  Anna D Banks and 250 specially trained John Maxwell Team Members will each host a series of 16 values-based round table sessions, structured around Maxwell’s newest thinking on Intentional Living. Each member of the round table reflects on how well they embody a particular value (for instance, attitude and forgiveness), share briefly, and then make a positive statement about how they will improve that skill in the coming week.