EAST ORANGE, NJ - The East Orange General Hospital has been much maligned over a great number of years for what many locals considered its lack of modern facilities, inadequate service and poor accommodations. But all that is swiftly changing.

In March 2016 East Orange General Hospital was bought by Prospect Medical Holdings, a for-profit hospital chain in Los Angeles. Prospect Medical agreed to maintain the facility, keep "substantially all" 870 employees and existing services, and invest $52 million in capital improvements by 2021.

Over the last year some skepticism and doubt began to creep in, but community fear has been reduced with the introduction of the new and improved emergency room renovations highlighted earlier this month.

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Mayor Lester Taylor, City Council Chairman Ted Green and a host of well-wishers, friends and curious residents converged on the hospital at a special ribbon cutting ceremony featuring its newly redesigned emergency room.

The event was attended by community and political leaders, doctors and nurses; however, among the many special guests was the newly named hospital CEO Paige Dworak FACHE.