EAST ORANGE, NJ -: East Orange-based non-profit organizations Isaiah House, led by Executive Director Zammeah Gibson, and Nassan’s Place founded by Nadine Wright-Arbubakrr, each received a $10,000 grant secured through Third Ward Councilman Bergson Leneus and East Orange resident Jacob Walthour to support operations and programs.

“Our community partners are vital when it comes to making sure every resident in East Orange has access to additional resources to service their needs,” said Mayor Green. “Our goal is and continues to be to provide a better quality of life for all of our residents, and this grant helps us achieve that goal.”

Jacob Walthour is the Chief Executive Officer of Blueprint Capital Advisors and a 20-year resident of Essex County who moved to East Orange two years ago. He worked with Councilman Leneus to identify community-based non-profits serving the East Orange community to receive grants from a charitable organization where he serves as an investment committee member.

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“I love East Orange. I wake up every day feeling inspired and like I am a part of something much bigger than me.  Working with the Councilman under the outstanding leadership of Mayor Green, East Orange has as bright a future as any city in America,” said Walthour.

Isaiah House shelter program serves teenage girls and boys, disabled single women, women living with HIV/AIDS, and the high-functioning mentally challenged.

Nassan’s Place assists families affected by Autism in and around under-served communities by providing educational and recreational programs, social outings and resources.

“Both Nassan’s Place and Isaiah House are key components that lend itself to making our city inclusive. I’m happy that we were able to secure funding to help expand and enhance the services and programs of both of these organizations,” said Leneus.