EAST ORANGE, NJ - 66 students from East Orange's STEM ACADEMY did what most are hoping people will do on Election Day - VOTE.  Stem Academy, joined with the Essex County registrar to host their first ever mock election. Students who are turning 18, also had an opportunity to register to vote resulting in 12 new voters.

In all, 66 students voted in the mock election.  The numbers broke down like this:

East Orange Mayoral hopeful Ted Green beat out his components winning 40 votes, with Thompson receiving 6 votes and another candidates receiving 3 votes.  In the race for NJ Governor, Phil Murphy won with 25 votes, Wisinewski came in a distant second with 5 votes.

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Both Sheila Oliver and Tom Giblin each received 28 votes. Nia Gill received 32 votes.  

Britnee Timberlake received 30 votes. For Essex County Freeholder, Rufus Johnson led all votes with 29.

Election Day is Tuesday June 6th.