Councilwoman Amy Lewis' 2nd Annual Student Voter Registration Day is a Tremendous Success

EAST ORANGE, NJ — First Ward Councilwoman Amy Lewis conducted her second annual Voter Registration Day for high school students to coincide with the National Voter Registration Day.  Today, a record number of students, more than 100, registered to vote, nearly tripling last year's numbers.  The student registration effort was organized by Kaylin Jones from the East Orange Municipal Council Office and included registrations at the three high schools — East Orange Campus, STEM Academy and Cicely Tyson School of Performing and Fine Arts.  The majority of students registered at EO Campus H.S. where Councilwoman Lewis participated in educating students about the voting process and the importance and impact of voting in local races, county races and regional elections and in the Presidential election.

Councilman Mustafa Brent registered students at STEM Academy and Cicely Tyson, where he was joined by other members of Council.  

Councilwoman Lewis said, "It is imperative that we encourage our young people to get involved in the political realm to ensure that their voices are heard and that they make their mark on society."  The Councilwoman thanked the administration and staff for getting the students excited about registering and for creating space and time on their schedules to allow students to vote. With more than 100 students registering, it is believed that East Orange and specifically, East Orange Campus High School, registered more student voters than perhaps anyone else in Essex County and possibly New Jersey. The Councilwoman said, "Thank you to the students who were excited and engaged in today's registration and in voting." The Councilwoman also thanked Tracy Munford, Immediate Past President of the Montclair Drifters who registered voters at the sites today, as well.