EAST ORANGE, NJ - The East Orange Water Department will be flushing hydrants May 21-June 4, 2018 between 8pm and midnight. Residents may experience low pressure and cloudy water during this time. Flushing is conducted during off-peak hours in order to minimize the inconvenience this may cause.

If water becomes brownish in color, residents should run the cold water tap for a few moments and the water should clear. Residents should avoid doing laundry during the hours of testing. If water appears brownish and does not return to normal after running the tap for a few minutes, please contact the East Orange Water Department at (973) 266-8869.

The flushing schedule is as follows:

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May 21-23, 2018


May 24, 2018 and May 29 – 30, 2018


May 31, 2018 and June 4, 2018