EAST ORANGE, NJ - The leadership of the East Orange Transition Team Committees was recently announced by Mayor Elect Ted R. Green.  The committees cover eight areas that are essential to moving East Orange forward according to Mayor Elect Green. The Committee leadership is charged with developing a plan that explores and identifies important programs and services for transforming East Orange, taking into consideration the Master Plan of East Orange.  

The Transition Team Committees are Education, chaired by Gloria Watson, Finance led by Musa Malik, Health lead by Christine Harris, Housing & Economic Development led by Essex County Freeholder President Britnee Timberlake, Law led by Ryan Linder, Esq., Property Maintenance led by LaKeisha Bondurant, Public Safety led by Billy Oliver and Recreation led by Vinnie Brown.

"Each of these public servants brings expertise and experience in their respective areas," said Mayor Elect Green.  "In addition, each of the committees contains people who have worked in these chosen areas - they bring experience and a commitment that will inform the blueprint for East Orange's progress."  

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The Transition Team Committee Chairs are preparing committee reports that will presented to the Mayor Elect and will be considered for incorporation into his 100 day plan and beyond.  

"The Transition Committee Chairs understand government, services, programs and the history of East Orange,"  the Mayor Elect added.  "The Chairs also have an eye toward the future and what it will take to be a city that focuses on the broad sense of community; from our neighborhoods to economic development to education and recreation, public safety and more -  that is why their input, deliberation and presentation of their respective final reports are an important part of the future of East Orange."