EAST ORANGE, NJ - Customers of the East Orange Water Commission (EOWC) will be charged reduced water and sewer rates beginning with the February billing cycle.

The rates will decrease to an adjusted rate and bills will vary from customer to customer based on such factors as water use and the efficiency of plumbing fixtures and appliances.

In August 2015, the East Orange Board of Water Commissioners issued a temporary rate increase to meet operating and capital expenditure needs. Since then, a new plan to address short and long-term goals of the water utility has been implemented and current projects underway are vastly improving the system’s aging infrastructure and rebuilding the water system.

“I want to thank all of our valued customers for their patience as we transition the EOWC into becoming a system where quality, cost efficiency, and environmental compliance are top priorities,” said Michele Antley, Board President. “Our current course of action will allow us to bring the EOWC to a point of full efficiency and self-sustainability”.