EAST ORANGE, NJ - After years of neglect and disinvestment (leaving dozens of homes in a state deterioration and blight), the City has partnered with urban housing experts, La Casa De Don Pedro to create new homes in our beleaguered 4th Ward section known as the Greenwood Development Area (Greenwood).

Greenwood, also known as, “Down the way”, Down the hill” or “Teen streets” has long been the subject of new housing opportunities, but has suffered in the recent past because of the slowing economy, vacant and abandoned properties and a general perception of a lack of safety. But, there appears to be a new spirit of cooperation and optimism within the Taylor Administration that has spurred interest from prospective owners and developers alike. 

To get the ball rolling, the City has aggressively addressed trash and dumping on many of those troubled properties with their Neighborhood Cleanup Initiative. It has been prorated that crime in the area is significantly reduced. And now the City is partnering with nonprofit developers, Las Casa De Don Pedro to offer affordable housing opportunities to qualified homeowners. This project will create a unique opportunity for families to own their own newly built home at an affordable price - in some cases less than the rent they are currently paying.

La Casa is marketing this project with the tag line: Why rent when you an own this Quality Affordable Home?