In the last article, we looked at finance and marketing topics that would make ideal case studies. This time, we want to continue looking at case studies that can help even complete beginners to the world of business improve their skills. We will look at customer relations, leadership and self-help topics.

Customer Relations

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but it can be difficult to convert them from site visitors to buyers. Case studies can include:

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* Increasing traffic

* Locating potential customers interested in your niche

* Increasing traffic through paid ads

* Getting the best return on investment for paid ads

* Increasing conversions

* Lead generation 

* Customer retention

* Building customer relationships

* Offering high quality customer service without spending a lot of time or money

* Customer service software

* Customer service automation

* Customer personalization


Leadership in business can be learned. Most people are not born to be business owners or CEOs. Rather, many of the most successful ones attribute their success to modeling their ehaviors on successful trailblazers. They also have a healthy attitude to lifelong learning. For example, Warren Buffett has stated that he spends most of his days reading and learning. 

Even if you only have a staff of freelancers, you are still the boss and can learn a range of leadership skills. They might include:

* How to motivate others

* Different leadership styles

* How to become a better manager

* How to be more organized

* How to set up an efficient office, especially if you are working from home a lot of the time

Self-Help Topics

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Some people deliberately tackle what they see as a weakness so it will stop holding them back from success. Common self-help topics for business owners include:

* How to stay motivated

* How to be a better public speaker

* How to host successful webinars

* How to create effective marketing videos

* How to start a podcast from scratch

* How to build your own website

* How to stop procrastinating

* How to manage your time effectively

* How to create effective PowerPoint presentations

* And more

There are many case studies available online that can help business owners overcome their perceived shortcomings and grow as a person even as they grow their business. 

Now that we have discussed what case studies are and what niches they lend themselves to easily, let’s look at how to put together your own in-house case study.

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