ORANGE, NJ -  It has now become easier to become a member of Farm & Fork Society. The group that has been dedicated to building an integrated food community has expanded to two pick up locations — Downtown Millburn and the new location in the Valley Arts District in Orange.  Members benefit from seasonal produce, literally farm-to-table, coming directly from the farmer.

Farm & Fork Society works with small local farms to bring fresh organic produce to the community on a weekly basis from June through November. Shares offered include organic vegetables and fruit, pasture raised, free-range, antibiotic and hormone free poultry and eggs, mushrooms, micro-green and meat shares. Members pre-purchase shares of organic/sustainable crops and produce and pick up either in downtown Millburn from 1 -3 PM or Valley Arts District, Orange from 4 - 7 PM. In additional to weekly shares, members can purchase weekly additions including cheese, bread, honey, maple syrup, and other products from local purveyors. 

“Consumers in Orange has been in a mini-food dessert for decades, by bringing fresh, seasonal, sustainably grown produce to this community, Farm & Fork Society is furthering my mission to bridge the gap between farmers and eaters,” said Melissa Goldberg founder of Farm & Fork Society. “The Valley Arts District in Orange, NJ is a growing and thriving community that has welcoming Farm & Fork Society with open arms, and over the coming years, I expect to see many local families join the food co-op and eat the best local produce possible and improve their health through healthy eating.”

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What initially started as a community supported agriculture group in 2008 has grown it into food cooperative focused on both providing the community fresh, seasonal, and local produce as well as educating them on environmental and food issues, teaching members how cook healthy and seasonally and facilitating the bonding over food.

All produce comes from small local farmers that pursue practices that are environmentally sustainable. Produce is either certified organic, organic stewardship, eco-farmed or sustainably grown. Animals products are raised without antibiotics and hormones and the farmers can trace back all the materials they use in their farming. 

Farm & Fork Society understand the importance of fostering deep, meaningful relationships between their farmers and the communities they feed.  Members are encouraged to meet the farmers, visit the farms and see for themselves where their food is comes from. The group also raises funds to provide fresh produce from our farmers directly to local food pantries in Essex County. 

Prospective members can go to the groups website to find out more detail on the shares offered, pricing, members commitment and to sign up. The deadline for membership is May 15, 2019. 

For more information or to sign up, visit