EAST ORANGE, NJ - This Saturday October 8, 2016 will mark a special moment in the development of an East Orange original, BellaFaith Dance Studio (BFDS). While liturgical dance  has evolved within the Christian landscape, BFDS has taken this art form to new levels and is hosting a special celebratory performance to showcase the students.  

Aisha Hobbs, wife to Bishop Aaron L. Hobbs, is owner of BellaFaith Dance Studio (BFDS) established in February 2014. First Lady Aisha has been teaching dance for over 6 years and says, "I'm just doing what I love, changing what I want to see in young people, and being that person to them that will dream, believe and push them towards their destiny". BFDS, the place you'll love to be! (BellaFaith is) where we simply believe in every dancer. The only difference between a Professional Dancer, a Celebrity Make-Up Artist to a Fashion Designer or a Self-Made Millionaire is opportunity. We Believe in our dancer's, allow them to dream and discover their passion, and then, watch them walk into their destiny”. 

The Unchained performance will occur at 4:00pm and again at 7:00pm on the 8th at Faith Temple New Hope Church, 57 Prospect Street in East Orange. For more information call: 732-770-3601.