No matter what industry you work in, there are some universal habits than can help you get ahead. 

Here’s five:

1. Time management

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If there’s one work habit you need, it’s good time management. No one wants to work with someone who misses deadlines and forgets requests. 

Unfortunately, there’s no one time management trick that works for everyone, so experiment and discover what works for you. Whether you choose calendar reminders, a bullet journal, to-do lists, or tying string around your fingers, develop a system that works and stick to it.

2. Understand your capacity

There are only so many hours in the day. Know how much work you can take on and be clear with your boss when they add to your plate. You don’t have to say no — simply tell them what you are working on, how much time you need to finish each project, and ask how they’d like you to prioritize your tasks. 

3. Take advantage of professional development opportunities

Many companies have professional development programs that let you take courses, attend conferences, get coaching, or connect with a mentor. If your company doesn’t, there may be an industry association you can join that does. Take advantage! 

4. Cultivate a growth mindset

People who have a fixed mindset believe that you either have skill at something or you don’t, and there’s nothing you can do to change. People with growth mindsets think that by putting in time and effort, anyone can improve at any skill - a view backed up by neuroscience. With a growth mindset, anything is possible. 

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5. Take time for yourself

No matter how important your job or how much there is to do, it’s essential that you take time to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Get seven to eight hours of sleep each night, eat well, exercise, and spend time on your family, friends and hobbies. Your work will be better for it. 

Good habits can set you up for success. Stay tuned for more helpful tips next time, when we explore do’s and don’ts for achieving work success.