In the last article, we discussed the main differences between Gen Z and Millennials in terms of their favorite social networks. We also looked in detail at what they do on Facebook and the fact that less than half of Gen Z used it, as compared to nearly three-quarters of Millennials.

This time, we will look in more detail at what the 13% of Gen Z who use Twitter do on that network.

As we mentioned in relation to Facebook, a strong trend amongst Gen Z is to look for so-called influencers and read opinions. This influencer trend is even more noticeable on Twitter:

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* Follow celebrities/influences (58%)    

* To check what is trending (55%)

* Follow family and friends (51%)

* To express my own voice (50%)

* Live or breaking news (42%)

* Read others' opinions (influencer marketing) (39%)

Gen Z adults do all of these activities more than Millennials with the exception of following friends and family, with 52% of Millennials reporting that they do so. 

The main splits between the groups are in relation to:

* Following celebrities/influencers 58% vs 40%

* Live news 42 % vs 15%

* Reading others’ opinions 39% vs 19%

For those aiming to grab Gen Z’s attention on Twitter, being an influencer and offering newsworthy items will be key. It will take time, but it can be done, especially through using all of the social networks where Gen Z hang out, so your messaging across the platforms will reinforce each other.

You should also follow all the key influencers in your niche or industry, and engage with their content. Be helpful and polite, not spammy. Gen Z adults are very ad-savvy compared to other groups and they can smell sales pitches a mile off. Think helpful, not hype. 

So, if Gen Z young adults don’t spend that much time on Facebook or Twitter compared to Millennials, where are they networking? Let’s look next at Snapchat.

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