When we come to the edge of the light we know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, of this we can be sure ... either God will provide something solid to stand on, or...we will be taught to fly.

--Author unknown

Most times, embarking on something new evokes apprehension and some anxiety. Yet, something within us intuits that a step toward the new is either safe or unsafe. If we have even a small inkling that we are safe, we will take a leap of faith toward our greater good. It is this leap of faith that God honors with support and answered prayer.

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Most of us were taught to fear God, but what the ancients really meant by “fear” was to give God the highest respect because we can always rely on the Holy Spirit. When we know this deep within, faith is born and apprehension and anxiety fade away. Then, that courageous leap either lands on solid ground or takes flight. Today, we are offered a reflection of ourselves and the opportunity to bless that reflection.

I believe that God is sovereign.