When you’re leading a performance review, there are certain questions you want to ask to help each team member grow. Start out by asking how happy he (or she) is with the tasks or projects he’s handling. Sometimes when a team member doesn’t like an assignment, he doesn’t always give it his best effort. Or he may feel that he’s not up to the task. 

Question him about what he likes most about the job as well as what he likes the least. Ask him what it is that he feels he excels at and what he feels he struggles with. Then follow that up by asking what kind of skills he’d like to learn or any new skills he’s gained but maybe hasn’t shared with you yet. 

Ask the team member what he values the most about potential promotional opportunities such as more money, more responsibilities, becoming a leader himself, or working in a more challenging department. 

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When speaking with him, ask what makes him feel more productive and what makes him feel least productive. If there have been any problems in an area, ask him what happened that led to that problem. Ask what he feels could make his responsibilities easier to get done, such as longer deadlines or better resources or tools. 

Ask him what he enjoys the most about working there and what he likes the least. Sometimes team members will have concerns about the job that they’re hesitant to discuss. During a review is the perfect opportunity to find out if there’s something going on that you’re not aware of. 

In the next article, we're going to look at important questions to ask a new team.