EAST ORANGE, NJ - Mayor Ted Green delivered a spirited speech last night at Cicely Tyson School of Performing and Fine Arts...literally! His opening began with the popular Gospel hit, "Every Praise is to Our God", and continued to expand from there with video presentations of adoring fans and businesses leaders singing the praises of East Orange. 

After the fanfare, the Mayor elaborated on both his most recent accomplishments as well as the formidable challenges still ahead. Among the challenges he noted was his commitment to work with the Board of Ed to improve education, to create more job opportunities and to improve upon community policing. 

He also reminded the citizenry of the many advancements his administration has made in just the last 100 days. Among them was an increase of quality businesses opening throughout the city, over half a billion dollars in private investment for commercial and housing development and an unprecedented relationship being forged between neighboring towns to bridge services and resources together like never before. 

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Moments of the Mayor's speech were halted several times by applause, but none more rousing than his mention of a group of East Orange Fire Fighters that took the initiative to form an investment group to buy abandoned East Orange property to rehabilitate and place back in service. 

The audience appeared delighted at the news of the many successes in such a short time, as well as hopeful for the future. A few of the more notable persons in attendance for the event was Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver, Orange Mayor Warren, Essex County Chairman Leroy Jones and Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake.