Last time, we looked at a number of different people who changed their lives and careers completely, daring to take a new direction when most people would have stayed stuck in a rut or not had the confidence to change, or to seize the moment when the opportunity presented itself.

Life is short, but it can seem richer and fuller if there is meaning and purpose to it. We each have our own values, interests and desires. But the one thing we all have in common is that we wish to be happy and feel fulfilled.

Some people might call this having a purpose-driven life. And one way to find purpose and meaning can be a though a bucket list.

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The Bucket List Explained

A bucket list gets its name as a list of things to do before a person "kicks the bucket" - in other words, dies. Items on the list are goals, aspirations, things to see and do, and so on. A bucket list may sound like a negative thing, but it can actually help people move forward with their purpose in life.

Crossing Things Off the Bucket List

Crossing things off the bucket list often means getting out of your comfort zone to try new things. It might also mean having to master all new skills or come up with a way to achieve the goal. For example, if you want to spend a year backpacking around Europe, you need to either organize yourself well before you go, or live by your wits as you travel on your journey. Or it might be a bit of both. Either way, you will be learning valuable skills and having all sorts of interesting experiences as you cross your items off your bucket list.

Radical Change

Sometimes a bucket list can provoke radical change. A bucket list makes you set priorities, and some people realize they have got theirs wrong, or they have reached a stage in their lives where they need a new direction. The kids are grown; the nest is empty. What’s next? A bucket list can point the way.

It would be great to share our bucket list with like-minded people, but sometimes the process of making the list can reveal cracks in what we might have assumed to be a solid relationship. Surrounding yourself with supportive people is essential for a happy life. Let’s look at this in the next article.

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