Laughter isn’t just good for health and fun; it is good for your productivity and work life as well. 

Laughter can be a great way to "win friends and influence people," as the classic book title says. We spend around one-third of day with our colleagues, so why not try to make the most of it? Some colleagues can become close friends. Others might be more like enemies, but you might be able to defuse their negativity with regular laughter. 

The Likeability Factor

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People do business with people they like. This is true of your colleagues, and also prospective customers and clients. Being funny, but not spiteful or sarcastic, can be a great way to get people on your side and build a team you can trust.

Stress Relief

Humor can make things a lot less stressful. If you can also laugh at yourself, you will be much less likely to stress about perfectionism and be less demanding as a boss, which in turn will create a less stressful workplace for everyone.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ), can be more important than intelligence quotient (IQ), because it helps you work well with others. Studies have shown that the top 70% of workers who are rated highly in terms of job performance have high EQ, while 70% of the lowest performers do not. 

Boost Creativity

When the atmosphere is more relaxed, people are more likely to share their ideas, and not be afraid to speak up if they see issues that might be stumbling blocks to success. They feel inspired to do their best and be their best because they feel valued, and part of a team they don’t want to let down.

Builds Trust

You’re more likely to trust people if you feel they are on your team and have got your back. Appearing more human and approachable to your colleagues will also help them feel they know you and have a real relationship with you, even if you don’t "bare your soul" to them. Laughter suggests a positive personality, and therefore a person who will make the best of every situation no matter what happens.

Boosts Morale

There will be times when your company faces obstacles or gets bad news, but laughter can boost morale and create the kind of environment people feel happy about working in.

Increases Productivity

A happy mood and feeling good about what you're doing means time will often fly by, and you're more likely to put in that extra effort. You will feel like everything you do is contributing to your company’s success. Your work ethic will shine as you get to work every day secure in the knowledge that what you are doing is important and valued.

Laughter can help you at work and in your personal life. Look for your next article to learn more.

Until next time,