Is your child having trouble concentrating in school? Do they often lose their focus and have an inability to pay attention? If so, there is a possibility that meditation can help. 

 Studies show that regular meditation increases IQ, lowers academic stress, lowers absenteeism and so much more. Why not use this information to its full advantage by encouraging your child to meditate?

Here are some more benefits of meditation for students:

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* Increased Mindfulness – Increasing mindfulness in anyone will result in an ability to make better choices in the moment. That means a child who practices meditation daily is less likely to use drugs and alcohol. Because of this, they’re going to be absent fewer days, be less stressed, and get along better with their peers.

* Improved Health – Studies show that incorporating regular meditation into your life will improve your health - not just today in terms of lower blood pressure, less anxiety, and so forth, but it will also help lower your cardiovascular risk over time. Starting a child on daily meditation practice now will only improve this effect.

* Increased Confidence – Children who meditate tend to have more confidence, self-esteem, and empathy. This helps a child function much better in a confusing world because they’ll be more caring and understanding of others but also less likely to fall for any type of peer pressure.

Incorporating lessons about meditation into your child’s life isn’t difficult. Start with learning how to do it yourself, and then let your child join you each day as they grow. They’ll learn it naturally as a part of a healthy life - like drinking water, eating right, and exercising.

Next time, we’ll discuss how meditation can help business owners, entreprenuers and anyone with insomnia so that you can get a better night’s sleep.