When you bring in a new team, there’s always a period of adjustment as they get to know you and you get to know them. You can break the ice and establish communication by asking them some important questions right off the bat. 

First, ask what it is they like about working at the company. Or, if they haven’t been there long enough to really get a feel for the place, ask what it is that drew them to the company. 

Ask them if they’ve experienced any problems in the past with a leader and what kind of challenges resulted for them from that. When talking to the new team, ask them what they’re hoping for by being part of the team and what they’re hoping the leadership will do to make the company a good place to be. 

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A new team should be asked if they have all the materials that they need to do their job. They should also be asked if they have all the resources and training. Sometimes new team members won’t grasp something completely but are afraid to speak up for fear that they might rock the working relationship. 

Ask if the team is clear on your goals for them or the goals of the company. Then ask if they understand the job they’re to do or the project at hand. 

Make sure that you end any discussions by asking if anyone has any questions for you or they need anything from you. This will make team members feel like they can come to you in the future if they do. 

Next time, we'll continue to look at questions to ask - this time when holding a team meeting.