Last time, we looked at Gen Z and how much time they spend doing various activities on Snapchat. 

In this article, we will focus on what they spend time doing on Instagram, and in particular, the popularity of Instagram stories.

Instagram stories are similar to Snapchat in that they appear for only 24 hours, then vanish unless you add one as a highlight to your account. The good news is that there is now a Memories Archive so you can store your content and reuse it at a future date, such as for next year’s holiday promotion.

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So, what do Gen Z adults do on Instagram?

* Follow friends and family (73%)

* To check what is trending (52%)

* Direct messaging (45%)

* Find ideas/inspiration (39%)

* Follow celebrities/influencers (39%)

* To express my own voice (37%)

* Read others' opinions (influencer marketing) (36%)

They do all of these activities considerably more frequently than Millennials. The biggest differences are in relation to what is trending and direct messaging. With Instagram now owned by Facebook, there has been a big push on both sites in terms of messaging, use of memes, and use of videos.

This works well because you can create similar content for both sites. The key difference is the size, with 512 x 512 pixel square images being optimal for Instagram. 

It is also important to note that you can now run ads on Instagram via your Facebook account. Just use the same dashboard for both. Also focus on mobile only, since Gen Z are such heavy smartphone users.

Finally, Instagram stories are very popular, and can really grab your audience’s attention if done well.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article series and gained a lot of insights into Gen Z’s habits and patterns, and how to market to them effectively. As we have seen, they are significantly different from Boomers and Millennials in a number of ways. Knowing those differences can be the key to more sales and profits.

To your success!