EAST ORANGE, NJ - Ms. Hassell is a proud graduate of the nation's first HBCU (Historical Black College/University), Lincoln University. It was there where she received her Bachelor's degree in Sociology, with minor specifications in Music Sound Therapy And The Arts. She received several citations for her contributions to the school's surrounding community, as well as her participation as a lead choreographer for the University Dance Troupe under Dr. Jean A. White, Ph.D. Ms. Hassell always believed in the power of following one's dreams, while encouraging and empowering others to follow theirs. Her selfless contributions to others in need, or seeking justice has never faded. Her philanthropy continued throughout her college years, and she was very active in fighting against Apartheid in South Africa, and injustice worldwide via boycotts and "sit-ins" on campus.

Ms. Hassell is truly a multifaceted touring independent Recording Artist and Performer (under the name-queen AaMinah), Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Choreographer, Actress, Teacher, Curriculum Designer, Life Counselor, Nutritionalist, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide, Community Activist, Researcher, and Lecturer. She remains dedicated to encouraging, protecting, and empowering our future generations so they may live long, healthy lives while achieving goals, and maintaining happy, fulfilling and successful careers. According to her, "People are priceless, and our children are our greatest assets. We must invest in their futures in the most sound and ethical manner. The decisions they may when they reach adulthood will effect us when we may no longer be able to help or tend to ourselves in our senior years. When we pre-serve our youth, we are preserving our own futures as well, so let's empower them to make great decisions through utilizing critical thinking, compassion and conscientiousness.

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