ESSEX COUNTY, NJ - Kessler Foundation is seeking pediatric volunteers to participate in a collaborative study with Children's Specialized Hospital. We are looking for boys aged 5-8, who have not been diagnosed with a neurological condition (i.e., concussion, seizures, ADHD), a mental health disorder (i.e., depression), or any learning disorders. We are examining the ways in which different parts of the brain work together in young children. Participation in this study will help us understand differences in the brains of children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and those who have not been diagnosed with ASD. 

Participation requires three short visits to our West Orange or East Hanover location. Each visit lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours. The study involves completing paper-and-pencil surveys and am MRI brain scan. There will be no medications or treatments involved in the study, and no contrasts (i.e., dyes, injections) will be used for the MRI scan. Children will be asked to play a series of "brain games" while in the MRI machine. MRI machines use magnets to take pictures of the brain and unlike X-rays, there is no radiation involved. There are no known risks to MRI exposure. 

Children who complete the study will receive a certificate of completion, a "picture" of their brain to take home, and a $100 Visa gift card for their time.

Please call Dr. Anthony Juliano at (973) 324-8393 for more information.