"Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens"

--Jimi Hendrix

Have you asked yourself the question? Which do I possess—knowledge or wisdom or both? I believe this quote is more about the subject of “balance.”

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It is unfortunate, but most of us begin to listen when we are forced to. For example, we work long hours, come home to do housework and/or take care of the children and our spouses, only to repeat the same process day after day. Important things like nutrition, exercise, and relaxation often escape us when we are on this treadmill of a life. People tell us to slow down, take it easy, take care of ourselves, and we virtually ignore this wisdom. Ah-hah, but when we are faced with illness, we are forced to reflect, rest, and put ourselves first. Moreover, we are forced to listen.

Balance takes constant attention. In order to know when we must rest and when we must work, we have to pay attention to the states of our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. We must guard against extremes and over-compensating. Balancing does not create neuroses. Balancing ensures peace.

I am living a balanced life.