Are you tired yet? 

There is so much to do in a business. You need to create tons of valuable content, get it in front of your audience, create and find products for them, and more. 

Now you are discovering a time saver: content repurposing. However, it’s still something else you need to spend time on. 

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But guess what - you can outsource the entire repurposing process to make it easier on yourself and to ensure it gets done every single time like clockwork.

The repurposing process is one of the easiest things to outsource because the content has already been created, and already meets your initial requirements. Now you just need to set up the ways in which you will reuse the content, using processes that work for most of the content you create.

You may need to create more than one process depending on the type of content you’re working with. If you create a vlog first, that can be repurposed into a blog post and an email, and excerpts can become memes or infographics. If you create a blog post first, you may want to repurpose that into a video, an infographic, or even a webinar. It’s totally up to you, but you probably want to set up a process for each of these types of content.

For example, a process may include:

* Finish and publish blog post

* Send out as an email blast

* Set up with Outbrain to get more views

* Send to Medium with the feed (and, it should be sent to anyplace free with a feed option)

* Set up in future autoresponder series

* Share on social media

* Voice record

* Turn into an infographic

* And so forth 

You can turn this around and do the opposite too if the content you create starts in another format. Once you know what you want from each piece of content, you can turn it over to a virtual assistant who specializes in content to help convert everything, as well as set up automation to make it all easier and faster. Not to mention automatically outsourcing the repurposing will ensure it happens. After all, good intentions don’t mean much without action.  

In our next article, we'll give some tips on how to spruce up old content so that it can keep working for you.