ORANGE, NJ - Orange Township Mayor Dwayne D. Warren took part in a policy summit on municipal issues with the Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, the Deputy Assistant Secretaries for Economic Development, Commerce, and Transportation under the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department on March 19.

Mayor Warren's White House briefing focused on the strong housing and economic development taking place in Orange and the "Mayor's Circle of Excellence", a signature program under Mayor Warren's administration modeled after President Obama's affordable after school care initiative.  The Circle of Excellence is an academic and enrichment after school and summer program which provides students with academic activities that complement their scholastic activities.  The program demonstrates Mayor Warren's commitment to education for Orange students.

Mayor Warren's comments came amid studies showing that a low income family of four earning $46,100 annually spends 44% of their income on child care services, while a single parent spends as much as 73% on their income.

"As a parent and elected official, I see access to affordable education as one of the great civil rights issues of our time", Mayor Warren remarked. "If we fail to provide a quality education for our children, we condemn them to a life of want and second-class citizenship in the Information Age. The Circle of Excellence is a game-changer when it comes to education in Orange."