Medicare has become a political football for both sides of the isle.  One party is correct on its premise but wrong in its methods and the other party is correct on its methods but wrong on its premise. The two parties are much closer to agreeing than they think. 

Medicare in its present form is unsustainable.  With the increase of Medicare eligible recipients, combined with financial down-turns and lastly met with a steady increase in medical expenses, the present system is under a heavy assault. 

Some feel that simply dismantling the Medicare program will save America, but this thinking only gives rise to other problems.  Seniors that did not or could not save for retirement are faced with a cadre of circumstances.  The financial burden of “good health” places many Medicare recipients in the position of being forced to sacrifice their healthcare needs, to address other pressing matters; like the need for food, rent and daily essentials. Some Medicare recipients forego their needed medications due to the cost. 

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Medicare recipients should not be made to choose between healthcare matters and their needs for daily living. 

Both parties appear to love Medicare.  Republicans though, point to the cost of the present system and consider many of those costs inefficacies and a waste of finances. The party would prefer to dismantle regulate, or modify the present structure.  Truthfully, they should do something drastic.  The country cannot continue to hemorrhage at a rate of over 600 million dollars per year.  A July 20, 2016 article by Juliette Cubanski and Tricia Newman, highlighted facts about Medicare costs and provided numbers that included 632 billion in 2015 alone dedicated to Medicare spending.  Medicare spending is predicted to cost over 1 Trillion dollars by 2026. 

We cannot get rid of Medicare, it has become a must for many. We simply need to revamp the system.

On the other side, some Democratic leaders see the Medicare system as able to sustain and even address the needs of a growing Medicare population.  Instead of reigning in and better focusing their spending on more needed areas, (like fraud prevention), some Democrats choose to maintain the status quo because fixing this problem is too hard in their mind. Right now, money is simply being thrown at the problem, and America cannot sustain this.  We still need to care for the many current and quickly mounting future recipients, who rely on this broken system. 

Ultimately, I tell clients to focus more on their individual health matters than on what you are hearing.  Consult your doctor, insurance company and/or navigate through to look for additional information on your Medicare subject.  Please do not rely on either the jackass or the elephant coming to your rescue.  Rely on you to help yourself. 

Asking questions about what you hear, paying attention to the changes that are announced and conversing with doctors, office staff, volunteers, insurance agents, senior care directors, SHIP and a host of other entities can provide assistance. 

No matter if Hillary or Donald get into office, you should be paying close attention to your Medicare options.  If you have questions about your Medicare plan, need to obtain one or want to explore options, contact John Clark (973) 518-0676 or email at