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Medicare is a federal program for people that are 65 years’ or older.  Medicare has been expanded to include people under 65 years’ old under certain conditions.  Certain disabilities, end stage renal disease (ESRD) and some marriage circumstances, will allow for some people to obtain Medicare benefits prior to age 65.  

To earn Medicare under the age of 65, the recipient must be declared disabled by your physician for two years or longer.  During that time a person can collect SSDI or RRD (Short Term Disability Insurance or Rail Road Disability annuity checks).  Upon the completion of two years of being declared disabled, the recipient will switch from SSDI or RRD to Medicare.  

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Medicare coverage can be temporary or permanent depending on the circumstance.  If you have been declared permanently disabled, your Medicare card will be active for the duration of your disability.  If temporary, the Medicare benefits will cease once the individual has been declared eligible to work.  

Please stay in contact with your doctor, employer, Social Security in your town and Medicare to know your situation and understand your options.  

In certain cases, some people may have to pay a portion of the PT A charge for Medicare in addition to PT B ($104.90/2016).  According to Medicare.gov 

“…if you've worked less than 10 years in Medicare-covered employment, you'll have to pay a monthly premium for Part A. If you choose Part B, you’ll also have to pay the Part B premium. Enroll in Part A and Part B or find out how much your Part A premium will be.”  

The above link will send you to the Social Security website and you can apply for benefits and/or receive additional information on your benefit options.  KNOW YOUR BENEFIT RIGHTS AND OPTIONS.

If you have additional questions or would like more information, call John Clark (973) 518-0676 or email at jlc3consulting@gmail.com