PHILADELPHIA, PA - TAP into staff caught up to Democratic Super Delegate from Montclair Marcia Marley while at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Marley took time out of her busy schedule to speak with TAP into reporter Erich Templin about what she did while at the DNC in Philadelphia.

Marley, who is also the president of Montclair-based organization BlueWaveNJ, says that she is seeking volunteers to assist her on the Hillary Clinton campain. Clinton was awarded the Democratic nomination during the convention this past week in Philadelphia, making history as being the first female to ever secure the nomination of a major politcal party.

"We will be signing up people to go down to Philadelphia on the weekends in September and October," Marley said. 

She also added that in addition to attending the convention and related events, that she was able to take in a little sightseeing while in Philadelphia.