Last time, we looked at six ways to use case studies effectively in your marketing. In this article, we will look at several more.

7. Blog Posts

Write blog posts about the case study to lead people to it, to either download it for free or buy it.

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8. Turn It into a Video

Create a slideshow outlining the most important aspects of the case study. Add music and a voice-over and save as an MP4. Your audience will love the content and you can share it on YouTube. It will also appeal to visual learners who might not have time to read a long case study.

9. Use on Social Media

Build your list and perhaps even go viral by sharing links about your case study on social media. Upload the cover, link, and a keyworded description so that people interested in your niche can find it. 

Add your case study to your list of publications on LinkedIn. Share your case studies in relevant LinkedIn groups. Tweet about it. Offer a Google Hangout about it. 

10. Host a Webinar  

If you are going to sell the case study, offer a webinar that shows the value of the case study. Offer a special introductory price as a thank you for attending.

11. Add Excerpts to Your Email Marketing

Include data from the case study as email content to encourage people to buy it. You can also include news about it launching in your email newsletter. You could also divide up the content into lessons for an eCourse if you plan to give away the case study for free.

12. Use a Case Study as Part of Your Sales Material

If the results can be attributed to a particular product or service you are selling, be sure to link to the case study as part of your marketing. If it is an external product, consider becoming an affiliate for it.

13. Mention It in Groups, on Discussion Boards, and So On

Spend time where your niche audience does. Include a link in your signature line. 

14. Use Case Studies for Training and How-Tos

Write up the exact process used in order to achieve the results. Include screenshots as needed to illustrate the process.

15. Turn It into an EBook

Amazon sells a large number of eBooks. Publishing there will make your case study more visible and you will be selling it in a digitally secure manner. 

16. Create a PowerPoint Deck

Outline the main points of the case study in a presentation. Share the presentation on and LinkedIn.


We’ve come to the end of our article series now. We hope you’ve been inspired by the different niches you can offer case studies in and how to write your own. Once you have your case study written, it will be time to use in in the 16 ways we have outlined. Then see what a difference a case study can make to your business.

To your success!