EAST ORANGE, NJ – New Hope Baptist Church of East Orange is adding a third weekly worship service; the service is created to address today's lifestyles and to meet spiritual needs.

Beginning June 5, there will be a service at 5:00 p.m. on Sundays to complement the church’s 7:45 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. worship services.  The addition of the new worship service is in response to an increasing number of individuals and families whose lifestyles do not permit them to participate in the church’s two morning services.

When the church’s pastor, Rev. Dwight D. Gill, visits and talks to community residents as part of the church’s community engagement initiative, he discovered that various lifestyle routines and reasons were preventing them from attending Sunday morning worship services.  This included work schedules, children’s sporting events, parents’ fitness routine and services being too early.  Dressing clothing attire requirements were also mentioned as hindrances.

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Understanding these explanations and being in tune with needs of the community’s changing lifestyles, the church decided to add a new service to focus on people not presently involved in a church to offer them a comfortable worship experience at a time that fits their schedules.

The 5:00 p.m. casual dress service still provides an opportunity to worship for those who cannot attend regular morning services.  “The church can no longer be just for Sunday morning worship or a place where you have to wear your “Sunday’s best.”  “If we want to attract a new group of people looking for ways to enrich their spiritual life, then we have to offer a service that will also become a part of their Sunday routines, explained Rev, Dwight D. Gill.

The church is located at 144 Norman Street in East Orange.  For more information about the new worship service and other programs and activities, please call the church at (973) 678-6710.

About New Hope Baptist Church of East Orange: New Hope Baptist Church of East Orange has a rich history and nearly 2,000 members.  The church has been serving the spiritual and social needs of the community for more than 38 years, providing numerous Christian education programs and community outreach initiatives offering such as a Food Pantry Program and programs for Youth, Seniors, and Women’s Health.