No one can uproot the tree God has planted.

Yoruba proverb

Have you or someone you know ever experienced being a hoarder? You know, someone who just gathers people and/or things and cannot seem to let them go. And, if any one of their possessions wiggles just a nudge, the hoarder squeezes tighter—trying hard to hang on to what needs to move on. The hoarder behaves like this because he or she believes that their possessions are central to their lives in a way that—if the possession leaves—something bad will happen to the hoarder.

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Accepting change and realizing that no one can really take away what is really ours seems to be a difficult lesson for most of us. And this state of inertia is borne out of fear and fear alone. What we are really hoarding are the memories and good feelings that our possessions initially gave us. But nothing and no one stays the same. The only constant is God. I think this is why many religions teach about letting go and detachment; being still and allowing, experiencing, and being flexible. In actuality, we are the trees that God has planted. We do not need externals in the way of people or things to complete the beauty of our existence.

 I am as magnificent and as stable as a tree.