"New Year's resolutions are not for the faint of heart."

I've made a lot of New Year's resolutions in my life. The usual ones--lose weight, quit smoking, and expand my business. All good ones. In the past, I considered them good. Now, at 57 years of age, I know they are more than necessary!

Since my business is still in motion, and I'm not interested in growing it too fast, today I'm starting with the smoking. Last night, I whetted my cigarettes and threw them away. Today is my birthday, and I refuse to go into another year as a smoker. Already, as I'm writing this, I have a slight craving for one. But the answer is "NO!" I'm not giving in.

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I realize I must continue to refuse to give in. I have to keep my dreams in front of my face. Finally, I must fight for myself, wholly and completely. I will be writing about this experience from time to time, and I invite you to join me and send any challenges you are facing this coming year and feedback that can be posted and sent.

Let's fight for ourselves!