Dear Neighbor,

The work of political organizing around issues that matter most in urban communities is rarely glamorous.  In fact, to do it well you often work outside of the glare of the spotlight.  It is a thankless job for which one rarely receives accolades and praise.  Former Essex County Freeholder D. Bilal Beasley, who dedicated himself to the noble task of organizing a worthy political and social service force in Irvington and beyond, died this week.  His passing points up another opportunity to recommit ourselves to serving others right now, in the neighborhoods where we live.

D. Bilal Beasley served his local community with integrity and distinction.  His leadership transcended borders, politics and party affiliation. As an Irvington Housing Authority Commissioner and as a member of the Newark Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Mr. Beasley pointed the way, took risks and changed his community in his hometown of Irvington, and throughout Essex County. As Councilman, Mr. Beasley left an imprint so deep as to earn him a place in the New Jersey Municipal Legislators Hall of Fame.  But most importantly, he used his position and influence to serve those in need in his community. He was tireless in his efforts to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate. 

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As Irvington Municipal Democratic Chairman, Mr. Beasley also lead by example and taught those who were willing to work and observe.  While we all mourn his passing, I celebrate the opportunities he provided to me over the years to benefit from his wisdom and guidance on matters involving local government and the voter registration and voter education process.   It was clear that he was passionate about local politics because he recognized the potential it had to transform communities.   

May the life of D. Bilal Beasley energize leaders and soldiers alike to build, organize and serve.  May God bless his soul.

Yours In Service,

Hon. Dwayne D. Warren, Esq.

Mayor, City of Orange Township