Producing enough content for your needs can be daunting, especially as a business needs content for its audience at every single stage of their buying journey. The good thing is, each piece of content that you create can be repurposed. That means you can use it more than once, either in its entirety or in bits and pieces. Let’s look at a few places you can republish your content off-site to get you started.

* – Be very careful with what you post on Reddit, because the users do not like spammers and will attack. This will not be good for some business owners who just want to get the word out about their ideas and offers. Therefore, choose what you share carefully, ensuring that it adds values to those who may read it.

* – Not only can you republish your content on Medium but you can also earn money from the content based on views. You can pick and choose, or you can automate the process by using the important blog feature within their platform. You can republish in its entirety, or you can just post snippets of full blog posts and let the reader read the rest on your own site.

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* – This community offers a lot to small business owners everywhere. You can participate in discussions and learning, and you can repost your content to bring them to your site and offers. You can submit blog posts, videos, and articles for all the members to consume and learn from. You can also vote on other submissions, and more.

* Small Business Bonfire ( – This is another community focused on sourcing the best and most valuable content for their members. Any content you share will be shared with members, but it will also be shared with the public, their list, and more. It can get a lot of attention and even go viral if your article is featured. Best way to stand out? Try to find gaps in the content generated so you will be different. 

* LinkedIn – You can share any content you want to publish right on LinkedIn via LinkedIn Articles. It’s okay if it’s been published elsewhere. Be sure to follow all the rules, and before you know it, you’re going to get a lot of traffic from your articles on LinkedIn.

* Email Messages – Don’t forget that any evergreen article you write for your blog should be placed in your autoresponder series too. While you may want to set it up for broadcasting to your email list at first, after that you can also find a good place to load it into the autoresponder series. If it’s not evergreen, at least blast it out.

* Specific Genre Areas – Places like and are places where you can repurpose content. ManageWP is for content about WordPress and DesignFloat is for designers. There are places you can find that is for your topic too, such as industry websites and magazines. Do a search to find out who is accepting admissions. 

Republishing your content off-site, together with places where you can republish content such as Reddit, Medium, BizSugar, and so forth, are essential additions to ensuring that you get your content in front of your audience without having to work harder.

Look out for the next article, where we'll look at how to syndicate your blog posts so that more of your audience gets to see your content.