In the last article, we talked about what laughter yoga is and the principles behind it. We also outlined some simple exercises you can do in order to get started with laughter yoga at home.

Once you have mastered these and been practicing them regularly, you should notice a difference in breathing, mood, core fitness, stress levels, and the amount of fun you feel you are having in your life. This is great, because the whole point of laughter yoga is to feel joyful.

If you enjoy laughter yoga, over time you will probably be eager to learn more exercises. If you don’t have a class nearby, not to worry. As with most things, there are apps for that.

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iPhone and iPad Apps

iPhone has a good assortment of yoga-related apps. In terms of laughter yoga in particular, one highly-rated app is Let's Laugh: Laughter Exercises.

You can play the exercises randomly, create a play list, and meld them into a loop to create a yoga routine you can do every day. There are no visuals in this app, but this could be because they want to give audio instructions so you can do the exercises anywhere, even when you are sitting in your car.

It is also available in Android. The app is colorful and fun to use, and well organized so you can look up exercises easily.

The Laughter Yoga University (LYU) has launched its own app in both iPhone and Android formats. 

This app has been created by the founder of laughter yoga, Dr. Kataria, so you will be getting training and information straight from the expert. It will also give updates about the latest events at LYU and exercises too. 

Android Apps

In addition to the LYU app for Android, another popular choice is Laughter Yoga. 

This is an excellent app thanks to the illustrations and the video demonstrations via YouTube videos. It is therefore very detailed, and serves as both the foundation for a new practice and support for an ongoing practice.

Try these apps and see how they can add to your laughter yoga practice.

Now, in case you are thinking this focus on laughter is a little silly, let’s look in the next article at how laughter can actually help you at work too.

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